A honorable shelter for the cattle - That was the wish of Brahmi Bhoot Shrimat Satchidanand Saraswati. This wish was translated into a Project - Gó Shaala and a beautiful shelter was constructed for the cattle of Kavale Math at a cost of approximately Rs. 5 lakhs. Shri Ganapat Bujangrao Sinai Kerkar & family sponsored this project. Gó Shaala was inaugurated by our revered Swamiji on 6/11/ 2006 and was named as Nandini Gó Shaala. 

Nandini Gó Shaala

A need for a large size Santarpan Hall used to be felt during all major functions of the Math. As such, under the advise of Swamiji, project of construction of a Santarpan Hall at a cost of approximately 23 lakhs was taken up. The hall has a sitting capacity of 400 and a dining capacity of 350 at a time. The hall was inaugurated by our Swamiji on 07/07/2007.

While the hall is used regularly for Santarpan, it is also rented out for functions such as Thread Ceremonies and Anusthaans like Navachandi. Certain cultural fuctions of our Math such as felicitation of scholars and discourses are also held in this hall.

View of Satarpan Hall
Santarpan at the hall on occasion of Bramhibhoot Satchidanand Saraswati's Poonyatihi
View of hall with audience seated during the annual felicitation function for meritorious students
Thread Cerimony being performed at the hall in distinguished presence of Swami Maharaj

Gokarn Math was constructed by Bhramhibhoot Shrimat Poornanand Saraswati approximately 100 years back. The building required urgent repairs. On advise of Swamiji, it was decided not only to do the repair work but to renovate the same. Accordingly the work of renovation of the building was taken up in the month of November 2007 and was completed July 2008. Under the renovation program, the roof of the building was replaced. The building had earthen flooring, which was changed to tiled one. Toilet facilities were added. On completion of the work, HH Swamiji  decided to perform the Chaturmas Vrita of year 2008 there.

View of renovated Gokarn Math
  Yadnya Shaala  

Need of a Yadnya Shaala was always felt every time an Anusthan needing Havan was performed at the Kavale Math. Thus a project of constructing a Yandya Shaala at an estimated cost of Rs. 5 lakhs was taken up. Shri Chandranath V. S. Dhume and family sponsored this project. The newly constructed Yanya Shala is inaugurated by our Swamiji on the auspicious day of Gudi Padwa, 23rd March 09 at 8.00 am in the morning

Swamiji performing rituals during the
inauguration of Yadnya Shala
  Landscaping & Front Facade for Kavale Math  

When the new Santarpan Hall was constructed, we always thought of connecting it with the existing hall. We also wanted to have Poorvabhimukh entrance for the Math. With this in mind, the concept of Front Facade with Landscaping on the east side on the Math was conceived. The estimated cost of the project is Rs. 50 lakhs. This project has not yet been sponsored. The work on the project is going on in full swing and is expected to be completed in an years time.

Artist's view of the proposed construction

Photographs work on Front Facade & Landscaping of Math in progress

  Ankola Shri Datt Devasthan  

Local people of Ankola thought of renovating the Garbhagriha and the main dome above it. With the consent and blessings of Swamiji, they took up this project and implemented it with contributions from people of Ankola. The project is nearly complete and will be inaugurated by our Swamiji on March 1st 2009.


Photographs Ankola Shri Datt Mandir under renovation

  We request all devottees to contribute geneously towards the project. You may send in your remittances to Shri Goudapadacharya Kavale Math, Kavale, Ponda, Goa 403401 or deposit it in Syndicate Bank, Kavale Branch, Acc. No: 72102200000014 with intimation to us. For further details, please contact on 0832-2312049 or office@shrikavalemath.org.in  
Shree Kavle math, Kavale - Ponda,Goa - INDIA . 403401
Ph No: 91 - 832 - 2312049, 2317479 / 6935775
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