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PerMix PTP-D series Vacuum Mixer Dryer is a turbulent mixing reactor-dryer. It is used as a high-speed paddle dryer, chemical reactor or, if both processes are


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1295 products Jyg Series Hollow Paddle Bean Pulp Dryer Paddle Dryer (PerMix, PTP-D series) . Rotary Harrow Rake Vacuum Paddle Dryer with Agitator.


Vacuum paddle mixer dryer - PerMix Tec

Vacuum paddle mixer dryer (PTPD-45) is finished and ready to go to USA. It is designed for full vacuum operation with Burgamann single mechanical seal.


EKATO vacuum dryer for your pasty to free-flowing products

For free-flowing products, the Solids-PARAVISC impeller is used in the SOLIDMIX VST dryer series. The ISOPAS impeller was designed for processing pasty,


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SUPERB ENERGY MISER® SQ Series Dryers use the following model vacuum cool drying. D Continuous flow dryer capable of full heat drying.


D-Series Freeze drying Machine Range - FROZEN IN TIME LTD

D-Series Freeze drying Machine Range Manufacturers of Freeze Driers and Vacuum Cold Traps The D series are general purpose freeze drying machines.


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New PerMix Vacuum Dissolver System (5,000L). . INTRODUCTION: PerMix PTP-D series Reactor Dryer is a turbulent mixing reactor-dryer. It is used as a


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Moist powder or bulk solids are fed into Rototherm® D at one end. Vacuum minimizes drying temperature and avoids thermal degradation of heat sensitive


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The PerMix PTP series Paddle Mixer is an innovative design of the here to find more information about the unique PerMix PTPD series Vacuum Mixer Dryer.


China Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer (PerMix, PNF series) - China

China Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer (PerMix, PNF series), Find details about China Agitated make the filter into an efficient dryer, including all types of heating systems, vacuum execution up to almost Vacuum Paddle Dryer (PTP-D series).

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